J. Ungerth AB has its roots in Jan Liebig Ltd, which was established in 1925 and had an excellent reputation as a worldwide exporter of paper, carton, pulp and sawn timber.


J. Ungerth AB has its roots in Jan Liebig Ltd, which was established in 1925 and had an excellent reputation as a worldwide exporter of paper, carton, pulp and sawn timber.

Our History

J. Ungerth AB has its roots in Jan Liebig Ltd which was established in Gothenburg in 1925 by Jan Ungerth's grandfather Jan Liebig, born in 1900. The business concept was to market paper from mills in Sweden, Norway and Finland to overseas markets, mainly in Asia and Africa. The company grew rapidly and became one of the main trading houses in Scandinavia, with offices in Bombay, Calcutta and Singapore. Apart from paper and board Jan Liebig Ltd exported large quantities of pulp and sawn timber.

Lars Ungerth, member of our Board, was for many years managing director and part owner of Jan Liebig Ltd.

Jan Liebig Ungerth, owner and managing director of J. Ungerth AB, started his career in 1982 at Jan Liebig Ltd after having spent a year, as a young man, in Senegal, which is today one of our main markets.

J. Ungerth AB was established in 1995 with the focus on newsprint, publication papers and sack kraft paper. The main markets are in Africa, the Middle East and Asia which are visited regularly by our sales division.

We have made it a policy to remain a rather small company with a personal touch from the first step to the efficient delivery of the goods. We concentrate on being a reliable and creative partner to our mills and to our clients. Welcome to J. Ungerth AB!

The Board of Directors

Bertil Fröberg Chairman of the Board Website: https://www.hedlundgruppen.se Bertil joined the board in 2014. Former executive vice president at Danske Bank, Sweden. Directorships: AB Alrik Hedlund (Chairman), Ektank AB (Chairman), Greencarrier AB.

Anders Cervin Member of the Board Website: http://www.stlab.se Member of the board since 2005. Started Sweden Transport & Holding AB.  Anders has been involved in shipping and trading all the time after Economic studies. Directorships: STL-Holding AB, STL-Shipping AB, Global Freight Solutions and Iraq-Logistic AB

Lars Ungerth Member of the Board Consul General for Sénégal. Was for many years Managing Director of Jan Liebig Ltd and was, for 17 years, Chairman of the Board of J. Ungerth AB. Lars started his career as a Spitfire pilot in the Royal Swedish Airforce and also served as an officer in the neutral nations supervisory commission 1954 in Korea. He spent 4 months in South Korea and 3 months in North Korea.

Berndt Ivarsson Member of the Board Website: https://www.profura.se Berndt has been a member of the board since the start. Founder and sole owner of the Gothenburg based investment company Profura AB. Today Berndt has left his position as the CEO of Profura AB, but still plays an active role within the Group’s portfolio companies. Berndt began his career trading with wood, and the wooden industry has always been a major interest.

Jan Ungerth Managing Director & Sales | Member of the Board Sack Kraft Paper, Graphic Paper, Specialities Direct phone: +46 31 778 63 63 Being the 3rd generation of paper merchants, my DNA consists of paper. Due to this reason I started my international career at a cement plant in Senegal in 1975. During 1982 I joined Jan Liebig Ltd in sales in The Middle East and South Asia. To be closer to the markets, I spent 6 months in Teheran, Iran, for Jan Liebig Ltd. In 1995 I established J. Ungerth AB and the rest is history.